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A self-service experience delivering unparalleled insights specific to your Azure environment.

Use this free tool to provide us with read-only access to your Azure subscriptions, and one of our Principal Consultants will do the rest.

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Laptop Step 1
Set up your Macquarie Lens account
Checkbox Step 2
Select the Azure subscriptions you’d like reviewed
Cloud Step 3
Microsoft authenticated and CloudHealth configured
Light Bulb Step 4
Receive initial insights after just 7 days
Magnifying Glass Step 5
A Principal Consultant analyses data and insights
Speech Bubble Step 6
Review findings in a 1:1 session with Principal Consultant

A couple of things before you get started...

Monitor Tick
After sign in, we’ll request some permissions from you so we can get started on your Azure optimization assessment. You’ll need to be an administrator of your Microsoft Tenancy to provide permissions. Read more here.
Remote Access
If your subscriptions are under an Enterprise Agreement, we’ll need your Access Key information to complete the set up. Follow these instructions to locate.
Macquarie Lens delivers optimum insights and benefits if your monthly Azure spend is greater than $10K per month. If your Azure spend is currently less, get in touch and we’ll chat through some other options.

Save on average 26% off your Azure bill.

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